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Our small hobby kennel, Satara Borzoi, is located on a beautiful property outside of Fort Worth, Texas. We (Johan and Danielle Steenkamp) are veterinarians who have had a lifelong passion for all animals. Both raised around sighthounds, we finally welcomed our first borzoi litter in 2016.

We strive to produce functional, healthy, friendly hounds who conform to the breed standard and serve as fabulous companions. We are so fortunate to have become devoted students and stewards of this incredible breed.

Member of the Borzoi Club of America

BCOA Welfare Committee Chair
  BCOA Health Committee member
Member of the Lone Star Borzoi Club
Vice President of the Borzoi Health and Welfare Foundation 
Member of Dallas Air Dogs 

You can find frequent photos and posts on our Tumblr page:

Or Facebook group: Satara Borzoi Family and Friends 



Johan is a native South African with a veterinary specialty degree in African wildlife and neotropical diseases. Satara Camp is located in Kruger National Park, South Africa, where Johan did his residency. The Satara camp is known for its great big cat sightings - especially the magnificent cheetah. To us, sighthounds are the "cheetahs" of the dog world.  We acquired our first borzoi while living in South Africa and imported the 2 boys back to the United States.

Danielle with Gianni, Spencer, and silken windhound Bella while living in California
Johan and Brexit
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