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Satara Aria Havana

NOFCA pointed; 2020 grand course qualifer 

Havana is our keeper puppy from the Felixx x Georgia litter. She is a curvy, happy girl who is extremely keen to hunt. We are looking forward to getting her running!


She enjoyed dock diving lessons this summer. 

In Feb of 2019, Havana found her true purpose in the open field. Competing against 6 of the top 10 OFC borzoi for 2018, she took home a 1/2 tie her second day of coursing, ever! 

Havana broke her foot in late 2019 postponing her coursing and show carrier. We hope to get her out soon!

Health Testing:

Cardiac: Normal holter 5/2020

Eyes: Pending

Thyroid: Normal 2020

DM: Carrier 

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