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CH Satara's Neon Tiger of Ryhka SC

Koei is a powerhouse of a puppy. From his first steps out of the whelping box, he has shown great athletic promise. We are looking forward to getting him coursing in the fall. Koei is co-owned with Diana Darling of Ryhka borzoi. 

His name means "cow" in Afrikaans (Johan's native language)

At almost 6 months of age, Koei suffered from a broken toe. His first show was the LSBC specialty at 9 months of age. He was first in the Bred-by Exhibitor class. The following day, Koei took a 4pt major from the 9-12 puppy class. Shown here with his handler, Brooke Ayala.


Koei picked up 2 consecutive majors at the Dallas shows from the 9-12 class. One of those majors was a Best of Breed over 21 dogs, including 6 specials. He also made the cut in group. At 15 months, Koei picked up a Best in Sweepstakes at the LSBC Specialty show under Judge Mike Helms. At 17 months, Koei went Best of Winners for a 4pt major to finish!

At just 2 years of age and in limited showing, Koei has 4 majors and 19 points towards his Grand Championship. 

Koei's first AKC lure coursing trial proved that he was as keen on the lure as expected. The first day, he QC'ed and went second to BOB/major winner (and housemate) Cheyenne. The second day, after he understood the routine, he went BOB for a 4pt major.


Health Testing

Heart: Normal holter 5/2017; normal echocardiogram 1/2018; normal echo (cardiologist) 5/2020

Eyes: Normal 1/2018

Thyroid: Normal 10/2017

Degenerative myelopathy: Clear

Dentition: Full dentition/scissors bite


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