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New Title Holders and Other Updates

The first half of 2019 brings many updates for Satara borzoi: In January, 2 puppies from the Felixx x Georgia litter went open field coursing for the first time. JR and Havana BOTH showed that they have got what it takes to hunt against the top OFC borzoi in the country. Both puppies picked up a first place, and both earned enough points to earn invitations to The Grand Course (JR in 2019 and Havana in 2020). I am very proud that these 13 month old puppies had an incredible debut.

Havana pink, Zip yellow, Sophie blue - photo by KC Thompson

Satara Aria Havana (L)

Satara Aria Ramblin' Man at Phoenixx Also in January, "Fig" Satara Aria Twistin and Groovin TKN CGC (Felixx x Georgia) picked up his Canine Good Citizen title! In February, "Jakkals" CH Satara's Why Do I Keep Counting JC CA BCAT CGC TKN (Irvin x Sion litter) added CHAMPION to his name, finishing his AKC championship. He picked up several grand championship points, including a major, as well.

Jakkals in the group ring In April, Brexit, Cinder, and Ivan from the Irvin x Sion litter attended the spring Lone Star Borzoi Club Specialty show weekend under breeder judge Del Richards. Cinder, earned her championship with a 5pt major going winner's bitch in an entry of 17 beautiful bitches. She was reserve WB to the major the previous two specialties - the third time is a charm! Brexit picked up his second specialty Select Dog for another 5pt major towards his grand championship. On Sat, Ivan was Winner's dog. On Sunday, Ivan was Winner's Dog/Best of Winners for a major towards his championship. It was his first weekend showing and he is the 6th pointed puppy in the Irvin x Sion litter!

New Champion CH Satara's A Dustland Fairytale JC - Cinder becomes Sion's 4th champion offspring

Specialty Select Dog CH Satara's The Desired Effect JC "Brexit"

Satara's Crossfire "Ivan" co-owned with Rhonda Hayes picks of his first major. Handled by Brooke Ayala. Also in April, Cinder goes to her first LGRA (Large Gazehound Racing Association) meet as a first time entry (FTE) and picks up her first points! In May, Jakkals adds yet another title to his name - Rally Novice! We are so proud of Jakkals and Casey!

CH Satara's Why Do I Keep Counting RN JC CA BCAT CGC TKN - living up to his name! Trance and owner, Sandy Dilley, attended their first Borzoi Club of American National Specialty Show and walked away with a second place ribbon in Sweepstakes. They are proving to be a wonderful team.

"Trance" Satara Aria Chant in the Night from the Felixx x Georgia litter

Brexit also added another title in May after attending his first dock diving trial. After working hard last summer, I wasn't sure he would remember how to jump being off all winter, but I am proud to say he did NOT forget. His official personal best jump is 15'9''. He obtained his Dock Junior title and one leg towards his Dock Senior.

CH Satara's The Desired Effect JC DJ In June, "Rio" Satara's Tidal Wave JC BCAT RATI DJ finished his first dock diving title one week after his brother. Rio also has legs towards his novice and senior titles. Go Rio!

May the rest of 2019 bring us more exciting news! We do have a planned breeding for this summer, so watch this site or our FB page for announcements!

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